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The Guardian - Talidomida a cauzat până la 10.000 de avorturi spontane și de decese infantile în Marea Britanie

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Talidomida 'a cauzat până la 10.000 de avorturi spontane și de decese infantile în Marea Britanie "

Fostul șef al firmei farmaceutice Thalidomide Trust spune ca multe mame nu au cunoscut faptul că aceste medicamente au fost cauza de avorturilor spontan sau anasterii unui copil mort

Foto: Un supraviețuitor talidomida în terapia la Heritage Chailey din East Sussex.

Duminică 06 martie 2016

Talidomida scandalul poate fi condus la 10.000 de avorturi spontane, copiii nascuti morti si decese infantile in Marea Britanie, in conformitate cu fostul director al trustului , care supraveghează plățile către sute de persoane cu handicap de droguri luate de mamele lor gravide.

Martin Johnson a spus multe familii nu au cunoscut că din cauza acestor medicamente copiii lor au fost afectați grav.

"Practic , nici unul dintre cei care au suferit pierderi de sarcină ar fi știut și că s-ar fi aplicat la aproximativ 90% dintre cei care suferă copiii născuți morți.

Copii au fost ascunse și nu a existat nici o naștere înregistra defecte, "Johnson, un fost sef al Thalidomide Trust a declarat pentru Sunday Times.

El crede ca aproximativ 6.000 au fost nereusit, 2000 au fost născuți morți și încă 2000 a murit in copilarie.

El a bazat cifrele sale pe o serie de studii la scară mică și comparația cu alte medicamente cu similitudini chimice.

Familia mea thalidomida: De fiecare dată când m-am dus acasă, am fost străin

"Nu a existat nici un proces penal in Marea Britanie si Enoh Powell (ministru al sănătății între 1960 și 1963) au refuzat categoric o anchetă publică", a spus Johnson.

Talidomida, care la nivel mondial mutilați o valoare estimata de 20.000 de copii si a ucis 80.000 , a fost utilizat pe scară largă în Marea Britanie între 1958 și 1962 ca un medicament minune împotriva dimineața de boală, dar a cauzat malformații congenitale severe. Acesta a fost fabricat în Germania.

Un total de 531 de persoane, dintre care 64 au murit, au fost ajutați de încredere.

Un film documentar despre scandalul, Atacarea diavolul , și povestea din BBC Call Moașelor , recent au crescut semnificativ gradul de conștientizare gafe în urmă cu mai mult de 50 de ani.

Thalidomida: cum bărbații care ruinate viața a mii eludată justiție

Beneficiarii actuali ai încredere sunt între 51- și 57 de ani-vechi.

Șaisprezece persoane au contactat relatărilor încrederea din ianuarie, căutând să afle dacă au fost afectate de droguri.

Încrederea a fost înființată în 1973, parte a unei soluții juridice între Distillers Company - distribuitorii de thalidomida sub numele Distoval - și copiii cu handicap ale caror mame au luat droguri in timpul sarcinii.

Aceasta a urmat o serie de dezvăluiri în Sunday Times sub redacția lui Sir Harold Evans, care a condus la distilator în creștere cu mult un pachet de sprijin pentru cei afectați.

Fondurile sunt acum furnizate de Diageo, compania formata dintr-o fuziune a Grand Metropolitan și Guinness, care a preluat în 1990, Distillers.

Cele patru guverne din Marea Britanie oferă, de asemenea granturi ale căror fonduri sunt distribuite prin intermediul trustului.


Thalidomide 'caused up to 10,000 miscarriages and infant deaths in UK'

Former head of the Thalidomide Trust says many mothers would not have known drug was the cause of miscarriage or stillbirth

The thalidomide scandal may have led to 10,000 miscarriages, stillbirths and infant deaths in Britain, according to the former director of the trust that oversees payments to hundreds of people disabled by the drug taken by their pregnant mothers.

Martin Johnson said many families would not have known their babies had been affected by the drug.

A thalidomide survivor in therapy at Chailey Heritage in East Sussex. A thalidomide survivor in therapy at Chailey Heritage in East Sussex. P

Sunday 6 March 2016

The thalidomide scandal may have led to 10,000 miscarriages, stillbirths and infant deaths in Britain, according to the former director of the trust that oversees payments to hundreds of people disabled by the drug taken by their pregnant mothers.

Martin Johnson said many families would not have known their babies had been affected by the drug.

“Virtually none of those who suffered miscarriages would have known and that would have applied to around 90% of those suffering stillbirths. The babies were hidden and there was no birth defects register,” Johnson, a former head of the Thalidomide Trust told the Sunday Times.

He believes about 6,000 were miscarried, 2,000 were stillborn and a further 2,000 died in infancy. He based his figures on a number of small-scale studies and comparison with another drugs with chemical similarities.

My thalidomide family: Every time I went home I was a stranger Read more “There was no criminal trial in Britain and Enoch Powell (health minister between 1960 and 1963) flatly refused a public inquiry,” Johnson said.

Thalidomide, which worldwide maimed an estimated 20,000 babies and killed 80,000, was widely used in Britain between 1958 and 1962 as a wonder drug against morning sickness, but caused severe birth defects. It was manufactured in Germany.

A total of 531 people, 64 of whom have died, have been helped by the trust. A documentary film about the scandal, Attacking the Devil, and the storyline of the BBC’s Call the Midwife , have recently significantly raised awareness of the blunders more than 50 years ago.

Thalidomide: how men who blighted lives of thousands evaded justice

The current beneficiaries of the trust are between 51- and 57-years-old. Sixteen people have reportedly contacted the trust since January, seeking to find out if they were affected by the drug.

The trust was established in 1973, part of a legal settlement between the Distillers Company – distributors of thalidomide under the name Distoval – and disabled children whose mothers had taken the drug during pregnancy.

This followed a series of revelations in the Sunday Times under the editorship of Sir Harold Evans, which led to Distillers vastly increasing a support package for those affected. The funds are now provided by Diageo, the company formed by a merger of Grand Metropolitan and Guinness, which took over Distillers in 1990.

The four UK governments also provide grants whose funds are distributed through the trust.

Continue reading...

Company knew risk of thalidomide six months before it was pulled, says book A new book by the lawyer for Australian victims says that executives sat on warnings by doctors that the drug was connected to deformities in babies

Thalidomide australia Thalidomide survivors outside the supreme court in Melbourne in December 2013 after winning a class action against legacy owner Diageo. Lynette Rowe is second from the right. Photograph: Julian Smith/AAP Gay Alcorn Sunday 24 May 2015 15.01

The British company that distributed and sold the drug thalidomide knew almost six months before it was pulled from the market that there were credible claims it caused terrible deformities and the deaths of infants, a new book reveals.

If Distillers had heeded warnings it received in June and July 1961, as many as 1,000 babies would not have been born with severe injuries such as missing limbs, and another 1,000 would not have died shortly after birth, the book says.

Silent Shock, by lawyer Michael Magazanik, appears to clear up a long-running dispute about when the company knew thalidomide – widely given to women as a cure for morning sickness between 1958 and 1961 – was exceptionally dangerous.

Photograph: Michael Magazanik/Silent Shock

The company has always claimed it halted the sale of the drug in November 1961 as soon as it and the drug’s manufacturer, Grunenthal, received information from Australia and Germany that it was causing serious deformities.

Magazanik was a lead lawyer in the Australian case of Lynette Rowe, who was born without arms or legs after her mother took the drug during pregnancy. In preparation for that case in 2012, Magazanik interviewed former workers at Distillers’ headquarters in Australia, including a salesman, Hubert Woodhouse, known as Woody.

Woodhouse signed an affidavit and agreed to video his evidence that revealed that the company’s most senior management in Australia had known there were strong reports of thalidomide’s danger in June 1961.

In that month, the Australian obstetrician William McBride says he had called Distillers to warn them about three babies in his care that had been born with catastrophic injuries after their mothers had taken the drug during pregnancy. Distillers have claimed they never received that call or that he may have spoken to a junior staffer who ignored it. They took no action at the time, later claiming they were unaware of any concerns.

But Woodhouse told Magazanik that senior Distillers staff in Australia – including Bill Poole, who ran the business – were aware of McBride’s warnings through the second half of 1961. Despite this, they continued to aggressively market the drug as safe and effective and to lobby the Australian government to include it on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, which subsidises drugs.

“I don’t know how Bill Poole found out about McBride’s concerns but he definitely knew about them,” Woodhouse told Magazanik. “Bill Poole ... was aware around the middle of 1961 of what McBride believed.”

Woodhouse said he often joined senior management for a whisky after work where McBride’s warnings were discussed.

“The conversations were sometimes lengthy and Poole especially expressed great concern at the possibility McBride was right,” Woodhouse said. “Poole believed, and stated, that the future of the business hinged on whether McBride was right or wrong.” He said Poole was aware of how serious the warnings were, telling him he was not to speak about McBride’s report to anyone.

Dr William McBride

In June 1961 Dr William McBride says he had called Distillers to warn it about three babies in his care that had been born with catastrophic injuries after their mothers had taken the drug during pregnancy.

Photograph: Fairfax Media via Getty Images It is not clear whether the Australian arm of the company passed on McBride’s concerns to the British headquarters at the time, although Woodhouse had assumed they had. Yet Distillers backed Poole’s version of events that it had acted as quickly as possible as soon as warnings were raised. In November, McBride again reported that the drug was connected to deformities, as did German doctors, and it was pulled from sale.

Poole, who is dead, lied on an “industrial scale”, says Magazanik, to cover up Distillers’ knowledge of the drug’s dangers.

Thalidomide: how men who blighted lives of thousands evaded justice

Lyn Rowe’s mother, Wendy, took thalidomide after McBride’s June warnings and Rowe would not have been born deformed had those reports been acted upon more quickly. She received a multimillion-dollar settlement in 2012 from Diageo, the British drinks group which is the legacy owner of Distillers.

Because the trial did not go ahead, Woodhouse’s critical evidence was not made public at the time, but made an “enormous difference” to the claim, Magazanik told Guardian Australia. In 2013 Diageo settled a class action for A$89m to pay compensation to 100 Australian and New Zealand victims.

“When apologists say that the whole thing was an unavoidable disaster – that’s rubbish. There were repeated opportunities to cut the death and injury toll short,” said Magazanik.

“For the first time we now know just how disgracefully the thalidomide drug companies behaved. Distillers’ top man in Australia sat on McBride’s shocking report for five months, leading to thousands of avoidable deaths and injuries worldwide.”

He said it took courage and compassion for Woodhouse, who is in his 80s and is very ill, to come forward and tell what he knew.

Although Distillers had acted disgracefully, it was far from alone. “In Germany, Grunenthal and its staff got reports of malformations possibly linked to thalidomide in 1959, 1960 and 1961. It did nothing to investigate – just kept selling more and more of the drug.”

About 10,000 babies worldwide were born without limbs because of thalidomide. Half of them died shortly after.

• On 26 May 2015 this article was amended to clarify that it was Lyn Rowe rather than her mother who would not have been born deformed had warnings been acted upon more quickly.

(The Guardian)

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