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_ Vogue Williams reveals she wants another baby weeks after welcoming her third child Otto

_ Vogue Williams reveals she wants another baby weeks after welcoming her third child Otto

Vogue Williams looked stunning as she headed to London's Global studios on Thursday just five weeks after welcoming her third child with Spencer Matthews.

The Irish model, 36, showed off her incredible post-baby body as she sported a black crop top and wide leg trousers, which she teamed with a smart blazer.

She added a touch of colour to her stylish ensemble with a pair of pointed leopard print shoes embellished with silver studs and an animal print handbag.

She accessorised her chic look with a seashell necklace and an array of gold dangling earrings, while she shielded her eyes with black sunglasses.

The mother-of-three wore her golden locks in a straight fashion loosely across her shoulders and opted for a light dusting of make-up.

Vogue was heading to Global studios to record her podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me, which she hosts with Joanne McNally.

Her outing comes after she shared her plans to have a fourth child just weeks after welcoming her third child Otto with her husband Spencer, 33.

She revealed she wants to have another baby but insisted her fourth child would be her last as she gushed about her newborn son Otto.

Vogue - who also shares son Theodore, three, and daughter Gigi, 21 months, with Spencer - said she doesn't want to 'die alone' as she shared her parenthood plans.

Speaking to her pal Luisa Zissman on her podcast Spencer & Vogue, she admitted: 'He's [Otto] only a month old but honestly, I think I'll have four. I love it. I love the newborn stage.'

She went on to say that although she likes the idea of having a big family, she wouldn't have more than four children because she thinks it 'looks weird'.

The TV personality - who married Made in Chelsea's Spencer, 33, in 2018 - said she believes that if she has four children, one will always 'be around' for her.

'I don't want to die alone though either. At least I know that unless something goes really wrong and we end up killing each other and not speaking to each other, like I will always have someone around,' she said.

'If I got four kids, one of them will be around.'

Vogue also gave an insight into her life since welcoming her third child Otto James on April 18, admitting that she 'loves' newborn babies.

She explained: 'I say to people, "if you want to hold him you'll have to ask me because I won't willing put him down or give him up". I love it so much.

'I'd have him on the bed with me if I could, but I'm too scared I'd roll on him or something.'

But Vogue did admit that being a mother-of-three has come with its challenges as she said she feels 'wrecked' all the time as she is up every night with Otto.

Speaking to Joanne on their podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me, she said: 'This has been so difficult with the three of them. I've bitten off more than I can chew.

'I'm wrecked. I cried today when I was trying to film something because Otto wouldn't stop crying. It's very difficult.'

She admitted it has been made harder by her husband Spencer currently being away, as she said she feels like she has 'taken on too much'.

Her latest comments come weeks after the happy couple welcomed their son Otto, with his middle name James being in honour of Spencer's older brother James, 46.

Speaking of naming their son earlier this month, Vogue told Hello! Magazine: 'I heard somebody else's child called Otto a couple of years ago and the name always stuck. I just loved it. I think Otto James together sounds really cool.'    

The pair also told the publication about Otto's straightforward birth on April 18 and noted how he is the 'spitting image' of his dad Spencer. 

'I mean, there's none of me in there,' Vogue said. 'If I had been shown this baby and had to choose which one was mine, I would never know because he's just the spitting image of Spencer.' 

The couple announced the birth of their son on April 20, taking to Instagram to share the happy news, posting a photo of their older children meeting their new sibling.

In an Instagram post, Vogue gushed: 'We are so happy to announce that our beautiful boy arrived safely on Monday evening. 

'Bursting with love he is the perfect addition to our family.'

Spencer and Vogue announced they were expecting their third child in October, and then later confirmed the sex in December.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, Vogue said: 'Baby number three on the way!!! This has been a lot harder to hide third time around, I feel like I've had a bump since the first month.'

Before their third bout of baby joy, Spencer told MailOnline: 'Both Vogue and I love children. We can't wait. We consider ourselves very lucky to have grown our family as quickly as we have. 

'It was always the plan for us to move quite quickly in that regard. We're full of joy and excitement.

The couple chose the name Otto early on, with Spencer telling Martin King and Una Healy on The Six O'Clock Show in January: 'It happened quite early, pretty much as soon as she was pregnant… we haven't really thrown anymore into the mix, as far as I'm concerned we've had the chat.' 

The reality star kept tight-lipped on the moniker of choice, but did say: 'It is not an Irish name. No disrespect to the Irish!'

Eldest child Theodore is said to be thrilled to have a little brother, with Vogue telling Hello!: 'My sister asked Theodore if he wants to have a brother or sister and he replied: 'A brother! I don't want a sister, I already have a sister.' So he's delighted.'

Spencer and Vogue got engaged in January 2018, before tying the knot in a romantic ceremony at a Scottish mansion owned by Spencer's family just five months later.

Earlier this month, Vogue revealed her relief that her husband Spencer wasn't allowed to propose live on stage at end of Lion King show in front of the crowd.

The presenter told how staff weren't happy for him to crash the end of the performance and so he had to do it backstage afterwards instead.

Speaking on the new Disney Podcast Journey to the Magic with Giovanni Fletcher Vogue said: 'He proposed to me at the show. But it's Spencer's all-time favourite Disney film and it is the only thing he's ever cried at, and he loves it. 

'So, it was kind of like he did his best proposal for himself. He could have taken me to Beauty and the Beast! He asked them, 'can I go on stage and propose to her at the end'? That is my worst nightmare. 

'And they were like, 'well, no, it's a West End show and other people are watching it'.

'In the end it happened backstage, and we met the cast and stuff, and it was really nice because it's a really cool stage and you've got all the pride rock background and all that kind of stuff which was really cool. 

'He doesn't really have any regrets, no he thinks it was great, it was quite nice. He had a great time.' 


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