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_ Fake Italian doctor Matteo Politi, sentenced to 3 years and 10 months in prison

Fake Italian doctor Matteo Politi, sentenced to 3 years and 10 months in prison

The fake Italian doctor Matteo Politi was sentenced on Tuesday by the Sector 1's Court to three years and ten months in prison, in a case in which he is accused of having operated on 28 people in several private clinics, although he did not have the right to exercise the profession of doctor on the territory of Romania, told Agerpres.

According to the court's decision, which is not final, Matteo Politi was convicted for several crimes of fraud, but also for mediated instigation to intellectual forgery and improper participation in intellectual forgery.

He was also ordered by the court to pay moral and material damages to several civil parties, the amounts being between 1,000 lei and 11,800 euros.

The Italian worked as a plastic surgery doctor for five medical units in Romania without having this right. He was assigned an initial stamp code by the Directorate of Public Health of the Municipality of Bucharest.

After the launch of the investigation, the Italian tried to flee from Romania, but was caught in February 2019, on a train in Curtici customs. He was remanded in custody for a period, but now he is at large.

"Between March 2018 - 7.12.2018, the defendant exercised acts specific to the profession of plastic-aesthetic surgeon on nineteen patients, in some clinics within the radius of the city of Bucharest. In the period March 2018 - 07.12.2018, the defendant misled nine persons regarding his capacity as a specialist in plastic-aesthetic surgery and as a doctor with the right to practice on the territory of Romania, using a false name and performed on them acts specific to the quality of a plastic-aesthetic surgeon, thus obtaining a patrimonial benefit unjust consisting in the sums of money paid by the patients for the medical procedures performed on them, in the amount of approximately 13,880 lei and 10,150 euros," reads a press release from the Prosecutor's Office with Sector 1's Court.


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