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"Nu Vrem nici Apa si nici Mancare. Lasati-ne sa plecam in Germania" au strigat imigrantii care erau dusi cu FORTA cu trenul de unguri la cererea Germaniei, spre lagarul din Bicske impotriva vointei lor exact ca in timpul celui de-al Doilea Razboi Mondial

Redistribuirea fortata a imigrantilor prin Europa, impotriva vointei lor, propusa de Germania - ne aduce aminte de lagarele de concentrare din al Doilea Razboi Mondial - lagare in care oamenii erau dusi cu forta impotriva vointei lor.

Imigrantii nu vor sa fie dusi cu forta in lagarele din Ungaria, Romania, Polonia, Cehia, Slovacia, Lituania asa cum vrea sa-i duca fortat Germania si UE-ul.

Imigrantii vor sa mearga doar in Germania.

IMIGRANTII NU VOR SA VINA IN ROMANIA. Daca ar fi vrut ar fi venit.

Germania a hotarat cu de la sine putere sa-i REDISTRIBUIE CU FORTA prin Europa, impotriva vointei lor.

Romania nu poate fi parte la deportarea oamenilor cu FORTA, oameni care sa fie dusi IMPOTRIVA VOINTEI lor in lagare de refugiati, de-a lungul si de-a latul Europei - doar pentru ca Germania nu-i doreste pe toti pe teritoriul ei.

Gazda nu-l poate DEPORTA pe refugiat sau pe imigrant unde vrea muschii ei IMPOTRIVA Vointei imigrantului, adica din Germania pana-n Romania etc...

Nu mai suntem in timpul celui de-al Doilea Razboi Mondial cand nemtii direct sau punandu-i pe altii ii incarcau pe unii prin trenuri din prin toata Europa si-i duceau aiurea

Gazda il poate trimite acasa pe imigrant sau ii poate refuza intrarea si sa-l duca la granita de unde a venit daca imigrantul refuza sa se duca acolo unde i se propune dar nu il poate DEPORTA pe imigrant impotriva vointei lui de-a lungul si de-a latul Europei.

Le poate refuza intrarea in Germania, ii poate trimite inapoi acasa DAR NU ii poate DEPORTA prin Europa cum vor muschii ei IMPOTRIVA vointei lor

Germania vrea sa-i trimita prin toata Europa inclusiv in Romania impotriva vointei lor.

Se pare insa ca multi de la noi, inteleg FOARTE GREU ce se-ntampla de fapt.

Iohannis nu poate implica Romania, in redistribuirea propusa de Germania, care ar urma sa se faca CU FORTA, impotriva vointei imigrantilor.

Aproximativ 500 de refugiati dusi cu forta de autoritatile ungare, la cererea Germaniei, in lagarul de refugiati de la Bicske, au refuzat sa coboare din tren, joi noaptea. Doar 30 dintre ei au acceptat sa mearga in lagar, ca sa fie amprentati si inregistrati. Ceilalti au ramas in trenul care ii aducea unde se afla si la aceasta ora

Autoritățile maghiare le-au permis imigranților, joi, să intre în gara Keleti din Budapesta, însă nu pentru a-i lăsa să plece spre occident ci pentru a-i duce în tabere special amenajate.

Oamenii au fost ușor păcăliți de autoritățile maghiare, care i-a anunțat că trenul merge spre granița cu Austria.

Imigranții au crezut că vor pleca spre Germania în cursul acestei zile, dar trenurile speciale din gara Keleti duc către tabere special amenajate pentru refugiați.

Odată ajunși acolo imigranții au rămas înmărmuriți și au refuzat să coboare din tren. Primul tren plin cu imigranți a ajuns în tabăra de la Bicskén. Oamenii nu vor să intre în tabără și au apelat la tot felul de măsuri disperate.

"Nu Vrem nici apa si nici mancare. Lasati-ne sa plecam in Germania" au strigat imigrantii care erau dusi cu FORTA cu trenul de unguri la cererea Germaniei, spre lagarul din Bicske impotriva vointei lor exact ca in timpul celui de-al Doilea Razboi Mondial

Disperati ca vor fi dusi cu forta in lagarele din Ungaria si nu vor fi lasati sa ajunga in Ungaria o familie cu un copil mic s-au aruncat ntre sine

Citeste si: CE FACEM NOI ACUM? Ne oferim sa ajutăm Germania, sa deporteze oameni din Germania și să-i ducă aiurea fără voia lor? Astăzi, imigranții urlau in Budapesta "NU VREM IN LAGĂRE"! Si s-au aruncat pe șine ca să nu fie duși cu forța in lagăre!

Oamenii DUSI CU FORTA la cererea Germaniei - impotriva vointei lor, din Budapesta in lagarul din Bicske, in loc sa fie lasati sa plece in Germania. Dusi cu forta la Bicske, oamenii au refuzat sa coboare din tren. "Nu Vrem nici apa si nici mancare. Lasati-ne sa plecam in Germania" au strigat imigrantii. Situatia este disperata.

THE GUARDIAN - Hungarian police and refugees in standoff after train returns to camp

Hundreds refuse to leave train at Bicske station, with many declining food and water and vowing to go on hunger strike if they are not taken to Germany

Friday 4 September 2015

Hundreds of people remained on a train in the Hungarian town of Bicske on Thursday night following a botched attempt by authorities to move on some of the thousands gathered in Budapest’s main railway station.

The Hungarian authorities earlier appeared to trick hundreds of people into taking a train to a refugee camp outside Budapest in an attempt to end a two-day standoff at the station where thousands have been trying to get to western Europe.

There was confusion at Keleti rail terminus in the morning when departures were initially cancelled and then passengers piled on to a newly arrived train they hoped would take them to Austria or Germany.

Instead, the train stopped in the town of Bicske, outside the capital, where riot police were waiting to take the refugees to an overcrowded facility that many had left a few days earlier in the hope of finding sanctuary in Germany.

There were chaotic scenes at the station when one man pulled his wife and child on to the tracks, begging police not to force them to go to the camp. “We won’t move from here,” he shouted repeatedly. The man was later handcuffed and taken away by officers.

A large group of people was surrounded in a hot and cramped underpass leading out of the station, chanting “no camp, no camp”.

Other passengers clashed with police and forced their way back on to the train to begin a standoff in the sweltering heat.

Police brought water but many of the migrants refused to take the bottles, vowing to go on hunger strike.

Later, volunteers tried to offer them food but people refused to eat.

“We don’t need food and water. Just let us go to Germany,” one said from an open train window.

Hungarian police declared the area an “operation zone” and removed reporters from the station.

Later, reporters were allowed to gather on a platform. About 100 people were on the opposite platform and about 50 riot police blocked the route across the tracks.

The travellers on the train resorted to holding signs up against the train windows, which said “no camp for children” and “save our souls, we are children”.

Police told the rightwing HirTV channel that they were waiting for the press to leave before taking the migrants to the camp at Bicske.

The refugees chanted “media, media, don’t leave!” and held anti-Hungarian government slogans against the train windows.

One of them said: “It is better to die in Syria than in Hungary.”

About 500 people remained on the train on Thursday night, after just 30 agreed to go to the camp to be registered.

Euronews reported that a second train had stopped near the north-western town of Győr in Hungary and several dozen people had been escorted off by police.

Two miles from the train in Bicske, a staff member at the refugee camp disclosed that they had been prepared for the manoeuvre, saying she had been told to get to work early in expectation of a sudden influx of migrants.

Outside the camp gates, a young Hungarian mother of three children, from Tatabanya, said she had diverted her trip after hearing the news on the radio. “I had been planning to go to Keleti station to drop off some clothes,” she said, “but then I heard that the migrants were being taken here [and] decided to make a detour.” Conditions at the camp, where many refugees are sleeping in tents, are said to be among the worst in Hungary.

“Why does Hungary keep us here when they don’t have the money to look after us,” asked a 30-year-old Iranian man. “Here we get 6,000 forints a week to live from, we never get an evening meal, and often we don’t have water. I have been here for five months, and I have never had any medical help for this,” he said, knocking on his prosthetic leg.

In Budapest, police had hoped to entice many more of the estimated 3,000 people camping outside Keleti to leave on Thursday. Conditions at the terminal have become increasingly desperate despite the presence of volunteers distributing water, food, medicine and disinfectants.

The Associated Press reported seeing a toddler beside his sleeping parents crawling on to the pavement to eat breadcrumbs. Nearby, an unattended child rummaged through a pile of rubbish. Hundreds of people took turns washing their hair, clothes and feet and brushing their teeth at a five-tap water supply (with no sewerage system) that was supposed to provide drinking water for the entire camp.

The Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, in Brussels for crisis talks, defended the heavyhanded tactics, adding that other politicians should not criticise Hungary for doing “what was compulsory” under EU regulations.

But Hungarian citizens showed their disapproval of the way the refugees were treated. In Budapest, several people went to the station to help. “I am just really ashamed about the government, that they don’t help these people at all,” said Barbara Baranyai, 31, who had made a collection of baby clothes, shoes, fruit, biscuits and blankets in her neighbourhood and travelled about 20 miles to the station.

“Due to the hate-generating speech of the Hungarian government, they have turned people against these refugees,” said Baranyai, who was distributing her goods with her own 15-month-old son strapped to her back. “I see other countries handling it much better. If I imagine I had to go with my child, crossing seas and walking, then staying like this, living at the station so long, the thought is unbearable.” She broke down in tears.

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(The Guardian)

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