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_ Iohannis to European summit: Additional EU support needed to strengthen Moldova's resilience

Iohannis to European summit: Additional EU support needed to strengthen Moldova's resilience

At the summit of the European Council, the Romanian chief of state asked the European Commission to reanalyse the level of financial support for Romanian farmers and welcomed a strong message of the European Union for Moldova, told Agerpres.

According to the Presidential Administration, Iohannis emphasised the importance of the world community's unity and solidarity with Ukraine against Russian aggression and said that the destabilising actions of the Russian Federation are also felt by Moldova and Georgia. He pleaded for dialogue and consultation with the states of the "Global South" in preparation of various actions and decisions as a solution for increasing their commitment.

The Presidential Administration shows that, following Romania's sustained efforts, the European leaders agreed that the EU will continue to offer Moldova all the relevant support, including for strengthening the resilience, security, stability, economy and energy supply of the country against the destabilising actions of foreign actors and for the EU accession process, inviting the European Commission to unveil a support package before the next meeting.

Iohannis also reiterated Romania's support for the continuation of support for Ukraine at all levels, for as long as it takes, and welcomed the joint European approach to urgently supply ammunition to Ukraine. He mentioned the bilateral support offered by Romania to Ukraine amidst the war, including through massive efforts to facilitate the export of over 14 million tonnes of grain and oil products from Ukraine to global markets.

Iohannis also asked the European Commission to reanalyse the level of financial support to Romanian farmers to cope with the difficulties generated by the current situation. EC President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the support offered to Romania is to be reanalysed.

In the field of energy, the summit called on the European Commission and the member states to ensure preparedness and contingency planning in view of the next gas storage filling and heating seasons. They urged all stakeholders to make full use of the EU Energy Platform to further improve the security of gas supplies at affordable prices.

It also invited the commission to promptly finalise the assessment of the emergency measures adopted in 2022 and, where necessary, to propose the extension of their application.

President Klaus Iohannis voiced support for the initiatives to increase the long-term competitiveness of the European Union, with emphasis on the importance of the Single Market, the development of the industrial base of the EU and the protection of consumers.

The European Commission briefed the leaders on the progress about progress in the implementation of its February conclusions on migration. Romania's contribution to the implementation of the conclusions was mentioned by agreeing, together with the EC, on a pilot project at the Romanian-Serbian border that will allow Romania to share good practices in matters of asylum, returns, border management and international co-operation and to bring added value to the joint efforts to address migration and to strengthen the security of the EU's external borders. The European Council called for the swift implementation of those conclusions and will review it again in June.

In the area of external relations, the EU leaders welcomed the outcome of the latest Donors' Conference in support of people in Turkey and Syria following the tragic earthquake on 6 February; an agreement on the path to normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia through EU-facilitated dialogue; agreement on the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland ,also knowns as the Windsor Framework, between the European Union and the UK.

The European Council also condemned the sentencing of prominent representatives of the Belarusian democratic opposition.


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