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În 2004 este creat ONG-ul finanțat de Soros "Democracy For America" care lansează sloganul: "Să ne luăm țară înapoi" cu care John Carry a încercat dar nu a reuşit să-l învingă pe George Bush Jr. Sloganul va fi reluat de Obama în 2008 (engleză)

Perhaps Robinson has forgotten that the phrase "take back our country" was a feature of American politics well before the Obamas came to Washington. In fact, it was a rallying cry just a few years ago, in a different context with a different president. In the mid-2000s, and especially in the 2004 presidential campaign, it was common to hear prominent figures in the Democratic Party and on the left in general express a desire to "take back our country." If Robinson heard it for the first time after the first African-American family moved into the White House, he wasn't listening.

Some examples. In the 2004 race, Democratic nominee John Kerry sometimes asked supporters to help him "take back our country." "It's time to take back our country," Kerry declared at a rally in Manchester, N.H. in late October. When Kerry called John Edwards to invite him onto the Democratic ticket, aides revealed that Kerry's words to Edwards were, "John, Teresa and I would like to ask you and Elizabeth to join us on our ticket to take back our country."

Early Democratic frontrunner Howard Dean used the phrase "take back our country" too many times to count. In fact, Dean wrote a campaign book titled "You Have the Power: How to Take Back Our Country and Restore Democracy in America."

Former Vice President Al Gore said it, too. "We need to take back our country," Gore declared in endorsing Dean in January 2004.

At a Democratic fundraiser in December 2003, Hillary Clinton pledged to work "on behalf of a campaign to take back our country." After the election, in 2005, Clinton declared, "We are ready to go forth and fight to take back our country."

From the podium of the Democratic National Convention in July 2004, Rep. Louise Slaughter declared, "We will take back our country." Also at the convention, Sen. Debbie Stabenow said, "We're here to take back our country." And Los Angeles leader Antonio Villaraigosa, chair of the party platform committee, declared, "We Democrats have come to this convention … to take back our country!"

And it didn't stop with the 2004 campaign. Clinton used "take back our country" countless times in her 2008 presidential race. And when Clinton finally conceded defeat and endorsed Obama, she said, with Obama right next to her, "We are not going to rest until we take back our country."

And those are just examples, culled from Nexis, of uses of the precise phrase "take back our country." There were many, many other times that top Democrats urged voters to "take back this country" or "take back the country." And a major organization on the left, the Campaign for America's Future, held a yearly conference called "Take Back America," at which leading Democrats and activists regularly appeared.

Of course, the phrase "take back our country" was heard long before the 2004 campaign. Pat Buchanan famously used it in yet another context in the 1990s, and in 1992, Ross Perot wrote a book entitled, "United We Stand: How We Can Take Back Our Country."

All the while, of course, there was no African-American family in the White House.

The point is, if writing that "this rallying cry arose after the first African American family moved into the White House" is an effort to suggest that use of the phrase is evidence of racism — and that is surely Robinson's point — then doing so ignores the fact that "take back our country" was heard many, many times before Obama became president. It will likely be heard long after he moves out of the White House, too.

Toward this end, the organization Democrată For Ameruca runs a Training Academy that has taught more than 10,000 activists nationwide how to “focus, network, and train grassroots activists in the skills and strategies to take back our country.

Political action committee that endorses and trains progressive politicians and activists Founded by Howard Dean and chaired by his brother, Jim Has partnered with Moveon.org in get-out-the-vote campaigns and anti-war events Is a member organization of America Votes

Democracy For America (DFA) is a political action committee dedicated to building “a grassroots network of socially progressive and fiscally responsible activists running for all levels of office -- from the school board to the Presidency.” Established by former Vermont Governor and current Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean, DFA seeks to fight “against the influence of the far right-wing and their radical, divisive policies and the selfish special interests that for too long have dominated our politics.”

From its inception, Democracy For America (DFA) announced its intent “to help defeat George W. Bush and his agenda in 2004” by working to influence voters in “key battleground states, mobilizing our supporters and the groundbreaking organizing tools we developed during our campaign -- planting seeds on the Internet, meeting face to face at the grassroots, bringing new people into the process.” Placing its support behind John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election, DFA aimed to establish itself as a force that would eventually “influence the Democratic Party in much the way that conservatives helped to reshape the Republican Party more than 20 years ago.”

During each election cycle, Democracy For America (DFA) compiles a list of the political candidates it will actively support.

In 2006 the organization endorsed 54 progressive state and local candidates, including Bernie Sanders, the only openly socialist member of the U.S. Senate.

In 2005 DFA gave 37 endorsements, and the year before that it gave 91, including one to Democratic Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Each year, Howard Dean selects 12 key candidates, known as the “Dirty Dozen,” whose campaigns he personally works to help most aggressively.

DFA’s long-term goal is to rebuild the Democratic Party base.

Toward this end, the organization runs a Training Academy that has taught more than 10,000 activists nationwide how to “focus, network, and train grassroots activists in the skills and strategies to take back our country.”

The Democracy For America (DFA) training curriculum has sections titled “Building a Grassroots Army,” “Leveraging Blogs and Online Media,” and “Building Progressive Coalitions.”

Democracy For America (DFA) also hosts a blog and a community message board, known as DFA-Link, where progressive activists can correspond and organize. This online network consists of some 41,000 members.

Democracy For America (DFA) is chaired by Jim Dean, brother of Howard Dean. Jim previously worked on Howard’s 2004 presidential campaign and served as a fundraiser for Howard during his eleven years as Governor of Vermont and four years as Lieutenant Governor.

Democracy For America (DFA) is a supporting member of AmericaSaysNo.org (ASN), a network (organized by True Majority and Win Without War) of organizations opposed to President Bush’s 2007 decision to increase the number of U.S. troops in Iraq by about 21,500.

DFA's fellow ASN supporting members include: the American Friends Service Committee; Code Pink for Peace; Feminist Majority Foundation; the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; National Organization for Women; the Peace Action Network; Physicians for Social Responsibility; Progressive Democrats of America; Sojourners; United For Peace and Justice; and Women's Action for New Directions.

In March 2007, during the period marking the fourth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, DFA (along with True Majority, MoveOn, and Progressive Democrats of America) organized candlelight vigils across the United States to protest America’s role in the conflict.

Democracy For America (DFA) is a member group of America Votes, a national coalition of grassroots, get-out-the-vote organizations. In the 2006 mid-term election, DFA partnered with MoveOn.org in conducting a get-out-the-vote telephone campaign on behalf of Democratic candidates nationwide.

In July 2015, Democracy For America (DFA) announced that it would thenceforth require all presidential candidates to state, on DFA endorsement questionnaires, their positions on the “Black Lives Matter” movement and their plans for addressing America's structural racism and its “culture of white supremacy.”

“As an organization that is largely white-led and that has a membership that's predominately white, we feel it's extremely important that we seize this moment to stand up with the organizers of the Movement for Black Lives in taking structural racism head on," DFA executive director Charles Chamberlain told the Huffington Post.

"We need white candidates talking to white people about the Movement for Black Lives. We need to talk to each other if we're going to move America forward," Chamberlain added.

That same month, DFA also announced its intent to help elect more nonwhite political leaders, citing a Reflective Democracy Campaign study which found that “90% of the 42,000 office holders in the U.S. are white and 65% are white men.”

It was vital for Americans to elect more people “reflective of the very voters that are electing them to office,” said Chamberlain.


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