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Cum îşi bate joc Renault de Statul Român. Dacia Renault a avut un profit net de 447,9 milioane lei in 2015, adică de DOAR 2,34% din cifra de afaceri. Renault a plătit impozit pe profit de 0.37% din URIAȘA sa cifră de afaceri de peste 4 miliarde de euro.

Nota Redacției - Statul Român ar trebui să aibe o grijă majoră și să ia măsuri URGENTE pentru ca rulajele de miliarde de dolari ale MULTINAȚIONALELOR STRĂINE să nu se reflecte în venituri MINUSCULE colectate la stat.

Și ne mai mirăm de ce suntem o țară săracă și de ce nu avem bani la buget.

Mai mult, productivitatea muncii, de care fac atâta caz neoliberii de la noi ca să justifice salariile de mizerie care sunt plătite de multinaționalele străine, e uriașă la Dacia Renault în timp ce salariile sunt de mizerie în raport cu productivitatea muncii

​Dacia RENAULT a avut anul trecut un profit net de 447,9 milioane lei reprezentând DOAR 2,34% din CIFRA de afaceri.

Dacia Renault a plătit la stat un impozit pe profit de aproximativ 0.4% (16% din profitul brut) din URIAȘA sa cifră de afaceri de peste 4.3 miliarde de euro. Adică NIMIC.

Statul Român trebuie să pună un impozit de 5% pe VENITURILE companiilor care au cifră de afaceri de peste 1 milion de euro, pentru a împiedeca sifonarea și "ingineria" profiturilor.

Productivitatea muncii este de 1.375.684 lei pe muncitor pe an adică în medie de 114.640 lei pe om pe luna.

Productivitatea muncii este de 25.475 de euro pe om pe lună

Cheltuielile cu salariile au fost de 972,63 milioane lei în 2015, având o PONDERE de doar 5% din VENITURILE Renault România pe 2015 (19.100 miliarde lei)

Cheltuiala cu un loc de muncă a fost de 70.054 de lei pe om pe an, adică de 5.837 de lei de om pe lună, adică de 1.297 de euro pe lună. Ținând cont că taxele firmei cu un loc de muncă sunt în medie de aprox. 40%, salariul mediu brut a fost de 778 euro brut adică în medie cu puțin sub 500 de euro net (aprox. 2.250 RON net)

Asta în condițiile în care Productivitatea muncii a fost de 25.475 de euro pe om pe lună

​Dacia RENAULT a avut anul trecut un profit net de 447,9 milioane lei reprezentând DOAR 2,34% din CIFRA de afaceri.

Cu un an înainte avusese un profit net cu 20,4% și mai mic față de rezultatul din 2014, iar cifra de afaceri a urcat cu 1,76%, la 19,1 miliarde lei, se arata in raportul financiar al producătorului auto.

Numarul mediu de angajati a scazut cu 179 persoane anul trecut, iar cheltuielile salariale s-au marit cu 1,1%.

Cifra de afaceri a Automobile Dacia a crescut cu 1,7% anul trecut, comparativ cu 2014, de la 18,8 miliarde lei, la 19,1 miliarde lei.

Exprimat in euro DACIA Renault a avut o cifră de afaceri crae a crescut de la 4,2 miliarde euro în 2014, la 4,3 miliarde euro în 2015.

Numarul mediu al salariatilor a scazut cu 179 de persoane in cursul lui 2015, de la 14.063 oameni la 13.884 oameni.

Cheltuielile cu salariile au fost de 972,63 milioane lei anul trecut, in crestere cu 1,1% fata de 2014 (când au fost de 871,52 milioane lei).

Totodata, cheltuielile cu asigurarile sociale au scazut cu 8% (de la 217,84 milioane lei la 199,37 milioane lei) în urma reducerilor la CAS aplicate de Statul Român.

Rezultatele Globale ale Grupului Renault - Profitul NET GLOBAL al companiei (de 2,96 miliarde) este de 6.5% (din 45,32 miliarde de euro venituri) aproape de 3 ori mai mare ca în România unde forța de muncă e foarte ieftină.

5% operating margin achieved as early as 2015

  • Group revenues up 10.4% to €45,327 million
  • New registrations up 3.3% to 2.8 million units
  • Group operating profit at €2,320 million (+44.2%), representing 5.1% of revenues versus 3.9% in 2014
  • Automotive operating profit increased by 74.4% at €1,496 million (3.5% of automotive revenues versus 2.2% in 2014)
  • Group operating income at €2,121 million (+91.9%)
  • Associated companies’ contribution amounted to €1,371 million (versus €1,362 million in 2014), including AvtoVAZ’s negative contribution
  • Net income at €2,960 million (+48.1%), compared to €1,998 million in 2014
  • Positive Automotive operational free cash flow at €1,033 million

“2015 results mark a decisive step towards the achievement of our plan “Drive the Change” targets. The involvement of all our staff and the success of our vehicles allowed us to reach our operating margin target sooner than planned. We must now achieve our revenue target while maintaining a margin in excess of 5%” said Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Renault.

In 2015, Group revenues came to €45,327 million, up 10.4% from 2014. At constant exchange rates, revenues grew by 10.6%.

Automotive revenues amounted to €43,108 million, up 10.9% thanks to an increase in Group’s brands volumes and sales to partners. The price effect was positive, primarily due to price increases in some emerging markets to offset currency devaluation.

The Group's operating profit amounted to €2,320 million (+44.2%), compared to €1,609 million in 2014, representing 5.1% of revenues (3.9% in 2014).

The Automotiveoperating profit was up €638 million (+74.4%) to €1,496 million, or 3.5% of revenues (versus 2.2% in 2014).

This performance is mainly attributable to volume growth (€480 million) and cost reduction (€527 million).

On the other hand, the mix/price/enrichment effect was negative by €379 million, mainly due to costs related to the life-cycle management of some ageing products, and to Euro 6 costs.

Finally, currency and raw materials impacts were slightly positive, respectively at €22 million and €61 million.

The contribution of Sales Financing to the Group's operating profit amounted to €824 million, compared to €751 million in 2014. This increase was due in particular to the rising contribution of services. The cost of risk improved to 0.33% of the average performing loans outstanding, compared to 0.43% in 2014.

Other Operating Income and ExpensesItems were negative at €199 million (-€504 million in 2014), mainly due to restructuring costs related to the ongoing implementation of the competitiveness agreement in France and restructuring costs in some other countries.

The Group's operating income came to €2,121 million, compared to €1,105 million in 2014. The increase in operating profit and significant reduction in other expenses led to this improvement.

The contribution of associated companies came to €1,371 million, compared to €1,362 million in 2014.

Nissan’s contribution amounted to €1,976 million in 2015 versus €1,559 million in 2014.

Regarding AvtoVAZ’s contribution, the exceptionally weak economic situation in Russia (35% contraction in the auto market, 33% decrease of the annual average Ruble exchange rate, and rising interest rates), worse than our initial expectations, led Renault to book a €620 million loss explained by:

- Renault’s share in the net loss booked by AvtoVAZ  for €395 million (of which €136 million from negative operating margin),
- An impairment loss on the value of the equity investment for €225 million, to adjust it to the stock- market value of AvtoVAZ shares. As of December 31, 2015, Renault’s share in AvtoVAZ was valued at €91million.

The Renault group has entered into discussions with the other shareholders of the AvtoVAZ’s controlling holding company, ARA BV, with an intention to recapitalize the company. This could lead to consolidation in Renault’s accounts. As a result, the loan and receivables on AvtoVAZ would be capitalized and constitute part of the net equity investment on December 31, 2015.

Net income came to €2,960 million (+48.1%), and Group share totaled €2,823 million (€10.35 per share, compared to €6.92 per share in 2014, up 49.6%).

Automotive operational free cash flow was positive at €1,033 million, mainly due to the increase in profitability, as well as a positive change of €663 million in the working capital requirement.

A dividend of €2.40 per share, vs €1.90 last year, will be submitted for approval at the next Shareholder’s Annual General Meeting.


In 2016, the global market is expected to record growth of 1% to 2% compared with 2015. The European market is expected to increase by 2%, with a 2% increase also for France.
At the International level, the Brazilian and Russian markets are expected to decline further, by 6% and 12% respectively. On the contrary, China (+4% to +5%) and India (+8%) should pursue their momentum.
Within this context, the Renault group (at constant scope of consolidation) is aiming to:
- increase group revenues (at constant exchange rates),
- improve group operating margin,
- generate a positive Automotive operational free cash flow.



€ million20152014Change 
Group revenues45,32741,055+4,272
Operating profit2,321,609+711
                                         % of revenues5.1%3.9%+1.2pts
Other operating income and expenses items-199-504+305
Operating income2,1211,105+1,016
Net financial income-221-333+112
Contribution from associated companies1,3711,362+9
o/w : NISSAN1,9761,559+417
Current and deferred taxes-311-136-175
Net income2,961,998+962
Net income, group share2,8231,89+933
Automotive operational free cash flow1,0331,083-50


The consolidated financial statements of the Renault group at December 31, 2015 were approved by the Board of Directors on February 11, 2016.
The Group’s statutory auditors have conducted a limited review of these financial statements and their report will be issued shortly.
The earnings report, with a complete analysis of the financial results in 2015, is available at www.group.renault.com in the Finance section.

Renault Press
Tel.: +331 76 84 63 36


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