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SUA. Doctorul Ted Noel afirmă că Hillary Clinton e bolnavă de PARKINSON. Wikileaks dă publicității un email în care lui Hillary i se recomandă să ia medicamentul Provigil folosit pentru Parkinson şi alte boli neurologice grave

Doctorul Ted Noel afirmă că Hillary Clinton e bolnavă de PARKINSON

1. Explicațiile Doctorului Ted Noel despre cele 10 simptone de Parkinson pe care el afirmă că le-a identificat la Hillary Clinton


Dr. Ted Noel - A Field Guide to Hillary's Parkinson's Disease

This guide is designed to allow the television viewer to identify Parkinson's Disease manifestations in Hillary Clinton's public appearances. It should be noted that the signs you or I can see can be reduced dramatically by medications and physical tactics. Breakthrough signs can sometimes by suppressed by injected apomorphine (Apokyn pen). The signs are grouped by the ones most likely to be seen in public.

PD is classically characterized by tremors at rest. This means that these repetitive movements usually show up when the sufferer is not actively using the affected body part.

1. Tremors.

"Pill rolling" tremor. This is a repetitive hand movement that looks like one is rolling a pill between the thumb and forefinger. It can be suppressed by using the hand to motion or by pressing it against an object such as a microphone, lectern, the sufferers other arm or chest. "Head nodding" tremor. When another person is speaking, the sufferer's head may nod repetitively.

2. Freezes

Sudden stoppage of normal activity when the brain basically shuts down briefly. It can happen in the middle of a sentence. An odd posture may be held for several seconds or longer. If a freeze comes while walking, the sufferer will probably fall woodenly with no protective motions of the arms.

3. Slow movement (bradykinesia)

a. - Shorter than normal steps

b. - Dragging feet

c. - Difficulty getting up out of chairs or climbing steps. This may lead to the use of handrails in a manner that allows the arms to supply climbing strength.

4. Parkinson's Disease Levodopa Induced

a. - Dyskinesia (PD-LID) – May be triggered by flashes or loud sounds, or may come randomly without warning.

5. Bizarre body motions

a. - PD Postures

b. - "Bug eyes"

c. - Abnormally wide smile

d. - Abnormally open mouth

e. - Uncomfortable or unnatural hand positions

6. Signs of swallowing disorder

a. - Persistent cough

7. Rigidity

a. - Loss of fluidity in general body motions

b. - "Wooden" facial expressions

8. Impaired balance

a. Difficulty walking or standing, manifested by "gripping" lecterns, handrails, or physically supporting persons.

9. Loss of automatic movements

a. - Reduced blinking. This will create a "staring" sort of look.

b. - Loss of arm swing while walking

c. - Persistence of smile beyond socially

acceptable limits.

10. Speech changes

a. - Words may not be as clear

b. - Speech may hesitate

c. - Speech may be somewhat monotone

Dr. Ted Noel - Hillary Clinton's Probable Diagnosis

Revised 9/2/2016 Intro:

Hillary Clinton (HRC) has suffered a variety of health issues. Unfortunately, she has declined to make her medical records public. In July of 2015 her personal physician released a letter asserting her "excellent physical condition." Unfortunately, multiple later episodes recorded on video strongly suggest that the content of the letter is incorrect. This discussion is designed to sort through the known facts and propose a possible medical explanation for these events. In keeping with Occam's Razor, a single explanation that covers everything is preferred.


1. In 2009, HRC fell and broke her elbow. Little else was made public.

Clinton to Have Surgery to Repair Elbow Fractured in a Fall

JUNE 18, 2009

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will have to undergo surgery to repair a fractured right elbow, caused when she slipped and fell on her way to a White House meeting on Wednesday evening, the State Department said Thursday.

Mrs. Clinton, 61, was taken to George Washington University Hospital, where doctors determined the break would require an operation, said a State Department spokesman, P. J. Crowley. “She is at home, resting comfortably, or uncomfortably,” he said.

Mr. Crowley said Mrs. Clinton was reading papers and making calls. But she canceled her public schedule, which included an appearance with the actress Angelina Jolie at an event marking World Refugee Day and an awards ceremony at the American Foreign Service Association.

The mishap occurred as Mrs. Clinton was walking to her car in the basement of the State Department. She was headed to a meeting with President Obama, accompanied by the administration’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard C. Holbrooke.

After Mrs. Clinton fell, Mr. Holbrooke said, “She struggled to get up to go to the meeting, but the pain was very intense.” Still lying on the ground, she instructed Mr. Holbrooke to go without her and reminded him to brief the president about a visit to Afghanistan planned by the State Department’s new ambassador for women’s issues, Melanne Verveer.

“She said, ‘Go to the meeting, that’s an order,’ ” Mr. Holbrooke said. Mrs. Clinton’s surgery has not been scheduled yet, officials said, throwing her travel plans into doubt. She is scheduled to go to a meeting next week of foreign ministers of Group of 8 countries in Trieste, Italy, as well as a European security meeting on the Greek island of Corfu.

sursa: www.nytimes.com

2. On December 17, 2012, while Secretary of State, HRC fell and suffered a concussion. Later, a transverse sinus thrombosis was diagnosed, resulting in chronic anticoagulation therapy. Her post-concussion syndrome was declared "recovered" in about six months. The original fall was publicly attributed to dehydration following gastroenteritis.

Foto: Hillary Rodham Clinton leaving New York-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital on Wednesday with her family. Credit Joshua Lott/Reuters

Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose globe-trotting tour as secretary of state was abruptly halted last month by a series of health problems, was discharged from a New York hospital on Wednesday evening after several days of treatment for a blood clot in a vein in her head.

The news of her release was the first welcome sign in a troubling month that grounded Mrs. Clinton — preventing her from answering questions in Congress about the State Department’s handling of the lethal attack on an American mission in Libya or being present when President Obama announced Senator John Kerry as his choice for her successor when she steps down as secretary of state.

“Her medical team advised her that she is making good progress on all fronts, and they are confident she will make a full recovery,” Philippe Reines, a senior adviser to Mrs. Clinton, said in a statement.

Mrs. Clinton, 65, was admitted to NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital on Sunday after a scan discovered the blood clot. The scan was part of her follow-up care for a concussion she sustained more than two weeks earlier, when she fainted and fell, striking her head. According to the State Department, the fainting was caused by dehydration, brought on by a stomach virus. The concussion was diagnosed on Dec. 13, though the fall had occurred earlier that week.

The clot was potentially serious, blocking a vein that drains blood from the brain. Untreated, such blockages can lead to brain hemorrhages or strokes. Treatment consists mainly of blood thinners to keep the clot from enlarging and to prevent more clots from forming, and plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration, which is a major risk factor for blood clots.

Photographed leaving the hospital, Mrs. Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and their daughter, Chelsea, appeared elated. In a Twitter post on Wednesday, Chelsea Clinton said, “Grateful my Mom discharged from the hospital & is heading home. Even more grateful her medical team confident she’ll make a full recovery.”

sursa: www.nytimes.com

3. An email from Huma Abedin (HRC's closest advisor) on January 26, 2013, says that HRC "is often confused."

Daily Mail

Hillary Clinton needed hand-holding with her daily schedule and was 'often confused' while she was secretary of state, her former top aide and 'body woman' Huma Adebin wrote a colleague in a January 2013 email.

The message, to coworker Monica Hanley, followed a back-and-forth about Clinton's schedule of calls with foreign leaders, including an 8:00 a.m. appointment to speak with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

'Have you been going over calls with her for tomorrow? So she knows singh [sic] ls at 8?' Abedin asked Hanley just before 5:00 p.m. on a Saturday.

'She was in bed for a nap by the time I heard that she had an 8am call,' Hanley replied three minutes later. 'Will go over with her.'

'Very imp[ortant] to do that. She's often confused,' Abedin told her.

'SHE'S OFTEN CONFUSED': Hillary Clinton's closest aide Huma Abedin (left) told a colleague that the then-secretary of state needed extra help to keep her world leaders straight

'IN BED FOR A NAP': State Department aide Monica Hanley couldn't brief Clinton on her schedule because she was sawing wood

It wasn't the first time Hanley had to keep up with Clinton's weekend sleeping schedule. In an email released by the State Department in May, she tried to reach the then-secretary of state four days after the deadly terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Clinton missed a meeting at the White House for President Obama's daily national security briefing because she overslept.

Hanley emailed Clinton at 9:17 that morning to let her know that White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer' had 'some sensitive items that he would like to personally show you when he arrives.'

Clinton didn't reply until 10:43, hearly an hour and a half later.

'[J]ust woke up,' she told Hanley, 'so i [sic] missed Dan. Could he come back after [I] finish my calls?'

4. Photos show being assisted up what appears to be the steps of a residential porch. This apparently happened in February of 2016. On August 4, 2016, Reuters and Getty published the photos.

5. At a rally on May 2, 2016, HRC has no lectern in front, so she starts with her right hand pressed against her chest. At the 18:02 mark, she starts gesturing with her right hand, which is in a very unnatural position.

6. On June 10, 2016 HRC was filmed talking to reporters at close range when several spoke at once. Without warning, she started a bizarre head-bobbing episode that must be seen rather than described. After several cycles, she regained control and declared that the reporters "must try the iced chai."

7. On July 12, 2016, HRC stood by Bernie Sanders as he endorsed her for President. During that event, her head nodded almost continuously. Bloomberg counted 408 nods.

8. On July 28, 2016, during the balloon drop, HRC suddenly looks up with a frozen wide-mouth and wide-eyed stare. After a couple of seconds she regains control and a more normal expression.

9. On August 5, HRC declared that she had "short circuited" a response to Chris Wallace in an interview that aired July 31 on Fox News Sunday.

10. August 6, 2016, at a campaign rally, HRC freezes with wide eyes in response to a disturbance. A large black male who commonly accompanies her leans in and tells her "It's OK. We're not going anywhere. Keep talking…" Shortly after, she laughs strangely and then says "OK. Here we are. We'll keep talking."

11. Several recent photos show HRC with an inappropriately exaggerated wide-mouthed smile and extreme wide-open eyes.

12. Several videos show her laughing inappropriately and for extended periods.

13. Numerous events have been interrupted by prolonged episodes of coughing unrelated to any infectious cause.

- This discussion will not argue that the black male is carrying a diazepam injector, since there is a plausible argument that it is actually a small flashlight, and is seen in other video to be such.

Other questions continue to swirl, including claims that one of Hillary’ “handlers,” who calmed her during the recent interruption of one of her speeches, carries around a an auto-injector syringe for the administration of the anti-seizure drug Diazepam.


According to Shkreli, the syringe “may be an Apokyn pen, used to treat Parkinson’s,” noting that it was the same color.

- We will also not discuss the circular area on her tongue. It appears to be the site of a mass excision. Benign explanations that do not bear on chronic health issues may easily be proffered.


The HRC campaign meme is that "there's nothing to see here." But numerous trained observers have noted multiple other, more subtle bits that strongly support the argument below.

After the 2012 fall, HRC had post-concussion syndrome (PCS). She should have declared herself unable to fulfill her duties as Secretary of State. Her resignation from the position shortly thereafter may have satisfied this need without public medical discussion. If no other questionable medical signs had appeared, this discussion would end here. But the other events and signs point to a single cause for the fall, and it is not the public explanation. Further, HRC's statement early in her tenure as Secretary of State that she would serve only four years can be read in the context of a progressive disease that was known as she assumed the post.

It is the premise of this discussion the HRC is most likely suffering from moderate to advanced Parkinson's Disease (PD). It explains every one of the items listed above. Further, since it is a diagnosis primarily made by observation, the video record is sufficient to create a high degree of probability.

The 2009 fall where HRC broke her elbow suggests that she had working protective reflexes, and her arm took the brunt of the fall. But three years later, she had a catastrophic fall where her reflexes were unable to help her. It is notable that this fall took place at home, where she would have been unstressed and in a familiar setting. Failing reflexes are common in PD. Poor balance is also common in PD, and a fall without working protective reflexes is a prescription for head injury. Her subsequent concerns with transverse sinus thrombosis are plausibly related to the fall. Her need for fresnel lens glasses also fits with post-concussion syndrome.

Huma Abedin's email comment can be referring to PCS as well, since it was during the six-month period of rehab. One must, however, be cautious not to overlook persistent cognitive problems that PCS can have. (Editorial note: The reader will note that this discussion is giving the benefit of the doubt to as many HRC memes as can reasonably earn it.)

2016 starts a spate of new data. The photos of HRC being helped up the steps is consistent with a fall similar to 2012, but with a security detail close enough to catch her before she fell to the ground. This matches the loss of reflexes and balance with PD.

The May 2 rally starts with HRC pressing her hand to her chest, a way to actively position it against a support to hide a tremor. Then she waves it with her fingers in an extremely unnatural position that is common in PD.

The July 12 head-nodding is a dead giveaway. It's called a head-nodding tremor. Like the classic pill-rolling hand tremor, it's a tremor at rest. She was simply "there" as Bernie talked, and the tremor took over. It's probably so ordinary to her that she didn't even notice it.

On July 21 a video of HRC is posted that has many observers calling a "seizure." We should note the setting. She is answering questions, and then multiple reporters call out at the same time. Such a shock is often too much stress for a PD patient, and the patient suffers an "on/off" episode. Higher control turns off and an unpredictable dyskinesia takes over. Shortly she switches back "on" and regains control. Her mind froze during the "off" state, but was aware, so she is able to speak again, but inappropriately.

It should be noted that such dyskinesias are sufficiently common with long term treatment that they have a name: Parkinson's Disease LevoDopa Induced Dyskinesia (PD LID).

A week later, during the balloon drop at the Convention, HRC suddenly "freezes." This is an "off" moment manifested by bradykinesia, another PD problem. The particular form is a brief oculogyric crisis, complete with head arched back, fixed gaze, and wide open mouth. Again, this is common in PD. We should compare it to HRC's facial expressions on "Live with Kelly and Michael" on November 19, 2015. At 6:30 in that video, we also see a PD tremor and posture in her left hand when it comes to rest momentarily. In most videos her hands are in constant motion or positioned against some object. These are strategies to suppress a tremor.

HRC's description of her false answers to Chris Wallace as a "short circuit" is extremely unusual. The term comes from the field of electronics, in which HRC has never been involved. The Urban Dictionary definition is electrical, and there is no popular or slang usage there or on Google. But one semi-technical description of PD calls it "short-circuiting" brain circuits. Did she hear this during a doctor's explanation of her disease? It would not be unusual to parrot such a phrase if she has PD. She may also be using an obscure but accurate medical description in hopes that no one would truly understand it.

Days later, HRC "freezes" again at a campaign rally. This "off" state is like the others, triggered by a startle/stress reaction. But what is more telling is that the security detail gives her specific instructions in an attempt to get her to turn "on" again. She then parrots those exact words as she restarts. This is another PD sign.

The numerous episodes of prolonged coughing are another tell. Swallowing disorders are very common in PD. They can lead to aspiration pneumonia, the most common cause of death in PD. But before that they lead to chronic difficulty swallowing saliva. It gets onto the vocal cords, leading to coughing in an attempt to clear them. The high frequency of these episodes strongly suggests a major swallowing disorder.

Multiple episodes of inappropriate and extended laughter have also been documented. This, again, is common in PD.

We do not have video evidence of the "pill rolling" tremor that is common in PD. But that is not a major concern for our thesis. Treatment with levodopa can reduce it. Also, PD sufferers develop a variety of techniques to hide it. Since it is a tremor at rest, keeping the hands in motion suppresses it. Grasping objects such as a lectern can also hide it. As long as the hands are busy, it is usually not visible.


HRC probably has PD. She has had clinical symptoms for a minimum of 4 years, and probably much longer, given that the fall leading to her head injury required a significant progression of the disease. All of her bizarre physical actions since that time fit nicely into the spectrum of signs that we expect in PD. And since PD explains all of them, we have a high probability of a correct diagnosis. It has almost certainly been treated with levodopa. Some of her symptoms may be related to this drug treatment. PD waxes and wanes, explaining the inconsistent presence of certain signs and symptoms.

It is most curious that all of the bizarre physical signs seem to be in 2016 videos. HRC was a public figure in 2015, with a lot of campaign work underway. Yet all of the oddities seem to be within the last several months. This suggests a significant progression of her PD. We also know that her contact with the public has been rigidly controlled. She has not done news conferences during the campaign. These would be highly stressful to a PD sufferer and would elicit many PD signs.

PD is a chronic disease with a downhill prognosis. HRC's instability and frequent cough suggest that her PD is advanced. This is not a good outlook for someone running for the Presidency. The office of the President is one of the highest stress jobs in the world. Stress sets off PD episodes, which render the sufferer incapable of proper response.

At this point, a bit of speculation seems appropriate. HRC talks about her yoga sessions. But no one we know of has ever documented one. It is possible that this is cover for sessions designed to teach her coping mechanisms for PD or for rest breaks. Exhaustion makes PD worse.

HRC's coughing suggests that her swallowing disorder is advanced, placing her closer to an aspiration pneumonia that would disable or kill her. That's bad enough, but PD has one more, even more dangerous step in its progression.

As PD continues, cognitive problems can develop. In time, they become full-blown dementia. The United States cannot survive if its President is mentally impaired.


It is not appropriate for a physician to make a diagnosis at a distance. But since the evidence in the public record so strongly suggests that HRC has moderate to advanced PD, it is imperative that HRC release her complete medical record to an impartial panel of physicians for review. It is not necessary for the public at large to see them. Such a panel should be secure in its deliberations and should present a summary to the public. If she has PD, the panel would know and it would be made public. If not, then the air would clear.

Note on authorship:

The author of this document is a board-certified Anesthesiologist with 36 years of experience. That brings with it the ability to understand medical discussions, but not the expertise to evaluate PD signs and symptoms.

The first subject matter expert is a close friend of the author. This person is a brilliant businessman who was forced to sell his interest in eight successful businesses because early onset PD made him unable to continue in the daily duties of business. He is well versed in PD and sees its ravages in himself.

The second subject matter expert is the author's brother. He is an RN who spent two years working 12-hour shifts caring for PD patients in a nursing home. This saturation experience allows him to pick up PD signs automatically. He notes that he instantly identified HRC's PD and levodopa therapy when he watched the famous "What difference does it make?" exchange. Her mannerisms and behavior were classic and stereotypical.

Of interest is that during a teleconference, the author called the others to look at HRC's left hand during the "Live With Kelly and Michael" video. The clip was played, and neither of the others even saw her hand. They were both riveted to her eyes, and both exclaimed that her eyes were "classic PD." The clip had to be played a second and third time before they could even take their gaze away from her eyes. They did finally see her hand and agree that it was also demonstrating PD.

sursa: nextnewsnetwork.com

2. Wikileaks dă publicității un eMail în care lui Hillary Clinton i se descriu beneficiile medicamentului Provigil un medicament care se prescrie pentru afecțiunile neurologice grave inclusiv pentru Parkinson.

True Pundit - WikiLeaks BOMBSHELL: Hillary Directed Her State Dept Staff to Research Parkinson’s Drug

We know now that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton dispatched her executive staff in the State Dept. to help conduct research on Provigil, a controlled drug often prescribed for patients suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Provigil is often used to help such patients stay awake and curb extended bouts of sleep. The drug is also used to treat narcolepsy.

In a series of emails spanning from August to Oct. 2011, Clinton asks and receives information from her trusted inner circle on the drug Provigil, including the side effects of the pick-me-upper drug favored by long-haul truckers to stay awake for long periods of time.

Clinton refuses to release her medical records to the public. Last week, True Pundit placed a $1 million reward on the release of her full medical history. Clinton is now rumored to be suffering from a plethora of medical ailments, including:

*Post-concussion syndrome
*Parkinson’s Disease
*Brain tumor
*Brain injury
*Complex partial seizures
*Many more alleged ailments

One of the emails, from Jacob Sullivan on Oct. 25 2011 to Clinton, defines the benefits of Provigil, including:

“It is often prescribed to treat excessive sleep in patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis. Additionally, it has gained a following among students, truckers, and others who want to stay awake for extended periods of time.”

Provigil is a federally controlled substance (C-IV). Some of the drug’s side effects are quite serious and include: depression; feeling anxious; hearing, seeing, feeling, or sensing things that are not really there (hallucinations); an extreme increase in activity and talking (mania); thoughts of suicide; aggressive behavior, and other mental problems.

Attached is the complete email.

hillary drug memo

sursa: truepundit.com

3. Potrivit lui Martin Shkreli, director executiv al unei companii farmaceutice , secvențele video cu Hillary Clinton, în care are un comportament bizar reprezintă o dovada că, candidatul prezidențial Hillary Clinton suferă de boala Parkinson .


"Involuntary movements" and difficulty walking is a form of dyskinesia

According to pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli, footage of Hillary Clinton exhibiting bizarre behavior is proof that the presidential candidate is suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Citing his “15 year background in drug discovery and pharmaceuticals,” Shkreli asserts that the videos of Hillary’s strange facial movements and her difficulties with walking are “pretty unmistakable signs of Parkinson’s disease.”

Explaining that a stroke or a concussion wouldn’t explain the symptoms, Shkreli says that Hillary’s walking difficulties are a “cardinal symptom of Parkinson’s disease” and what is known as “freezing gait”. Shkreli adds that he helped develop a drug to treat the problem.

Hillary’s “on-off episodes” are a result of dopamine depletion, according to Shkreli, which is impacting Hillary’s movement.

“We’ve all seen the videos of her kind of making these perplexed facial movements,” says Shkreli, noting that Hillary’s over-reaction to balloons at the DNC was “unusual” because it betrayed an “inability to control her facial movements”.

However, Hillary’s seizure-like behavior in response to reporters asking questions in another clip was even more odd because she “made this involuntary movement for about ten seconds which was truly unusual,” states Shkreli, identifying the condition as a form of Parkinson’s-induced dyskinesia.

“This is classic symptom….if you showed someone that symptom and said ‘name the disorder’ it’s not a seizure….that is simply involuntary movement, it’s PD-LID, no doubt about it in my mind,” adds Shkreli, concluding that when matched with Hillary’s “freezing gait,” it “explains everything.”

Shkreli emphasizes the fact the he is non-partisan and has given more money to Democrats than Republicans.

Despite his controversial background (Shkreli was once labeled the “most hated man in America” for raising the price of the drug Daraprim by 5556 per cent), his voice adds to the innumerable health experts and doctors who have been asking serious questions about Hillary’s ill health.

We highlighted Hillary’s bizarre behavior and her health problems in a video last week that has since gone viral and received well over a million views.

Suspicions over Hillary’s health have raged in recent days, with the Drudge Report running a series of headlines highlighting her numerous falls and difficulties walking.

In response, media outlets are beginning to characterize questions about Hillary’s health as little more than ‘right-wing conspiracy theories,’ although assertions by leftists that Donald Trump is mentally ill have not received similar treatment.

Other questions continue to swirl, including claims that one of Hillary’ “handlers,” who calmed her during the recent interruption of one of her speeches, carries around a an auto-injector syringe for the administration of the anti-seizure drug Diazepam.


According to Shkreli, the syringe “may be an Apokyn pen, used to treat Parkinson’s,” noting that it was the same color.

“Knowing what we know now, and looking at the above video, it looks like after Hillary seized up like a deer in headlights, the medic tries to calm her down, but was having problems because the Secret Service members on stage were freaking her out,” according to the Ralph Retort.

“The medic must have realized he wasn’t going to calm her down until Secret Service got off stage, so he went up to each of them individually, telling them to go away.”

Twitter users are now calling for Hillary to be given a mental and physical health screening under the hashtag #Hillary’sHealth.

sursa: infowars.com

Discuție la FoxNews despre sănătatea lui Clinton

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Hillary Clinton a avut AZI încă un "episod medical" la ceremonia de pe 11 septembrie 2016. INCIDENTUL E ȚINUT SECRET. Video-urile publicate de ZeroHedge o arată că nu se poate ține pe picioare şi e târâtă pe brațe de oamenii din serviciile secrete.


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Grad de ocupare de 100% în majoritatea hotelurilor de la mare în primele două săptămâni din august

FOTO Fără lanternă pe munte. Doi tineri, recuperați noaptea de salvamontiști

Premieră la Brașov. La Grădina Zoologică vizitatorii primesc lecții despre animalele sălbatice

INS: Rata șomajului a ajuns în iunie la 5,2%, în scădere comparativ cu luna precedentă

Statele Unite vor să limiteze imigrația prin reducerea sărăciei și combaterea corupției în țările de origine

Mișcare importantă pe piața criptomonedelor. Anunțul făcut de Germania

Kamala Harris va deveni primul vicepreședinte din istoria Statelor Unite care vizitează Vietnamul

Studenții din Iași revin la cursuri față în față. Anuțul dat de Universitatea "Alexandru Ioan Cuza"

Grecia rămâne una dintre destinațiile favorite ale românilor, chiar dacă intră pe lista roșie

VIDEO Jocurile Olimpice. David Popovici și-a încheiat aventura olimpică. Românul a terminat pe locul 40 la general

Barna îl apără pe directorul CFR Călători, Ovidiu Vizante: "Nu ajută pe nimeni o isterie falsă. Pentru mine subiectul este închis"

Coronavirus România LIVE UPDATE 30 iulie. Peste 150 de cazuri noi și un deces, în ultimele 24 de ore. Bilanț complet

Fostul cardinal american Theodore McCarrick, pus sub acuzare pentru pedofilie

(P) Laptopurile ASUS ZenBook cu ecrane OLED pentru profesioniști

Vaccin anti-COVID. Peste 200.000 de doze de ser ajung vineri în România

Gimnasta Simone Biles: "Sufer de twisties". Este sindromul pierderii orientării în spațiu

Obrăznicia Sorosiștilor Barna și Drulă nu are limite. COMENTARIU Sorin Avram: Barna şi Drulă, cu trenul, pe ruta Bucureşti - Restul Ţării

COMENTARIU Sorin Avram: Barna și Drulă, cu trenul, pe ruta București - Restul Țării

Petrom are un nou președinte. Cine îi va lua locul lui Rainer Seele

MAE: autoritățile omaneze au confirmat decesul unui cetățean român aflat la bordul "Mercer Street"

Cine este Ovidiu Vizante, șeful CFR Călători, pentru care face scut USR PLUS: admnistratorul unui operator de marfă austriac care a devenit brusc și susținut de politicieni șeful CFR Călători

Un nou tir cu gunoaie la granița României. 20.000 de kg de deșeuri descoperite la Giurgiu

Simona Halep spune că n-a făcut încă nunta cu Toni Iuruc

VIDEO Jocurile Olimpice. Vlăduț Simionescu, ultimul judoka român eliminat de la Tokyo 2020

Cel puțin un mort, în urma unui incendiu produs într-o uzină chimică militară din Rusia

Record de zboruri anulate de către companiile aeriene. Pasagerii pot obține compensații

NEWS ALERT Începe vaccinarea copiilor împotriva COVID-19 cu serul Moderna

Ionuț Moșteanu, liderul grupului parlamentar USR PLUS: "Și domnul Cîțu este supus evaluării coaliției. Un premier care n-are susținere în Parlament nu mai are putere. Și Cîțu știe asta"

Radu Gyr a fost condamnat la MOARTE pentru o poezie. Unii vor să ne-ntoarcem din nou în acele vremi. Cum a fost condamnat la moarte Radu Gyr pentru poezia "Ridică-te, Gheorghe, ridică-te, Ioane!" - VIDEO

Prognoza METEO în luna august. Temperaturi mai ridicate decât cele normale

Prognoză METEO specială pentru București. Urmează încă trei zile de caniculă în Capitală

Ion Cristoiu: Spectacolul vorbelor mari prin care oportuniștii din PNL își justifică rostogolirea în barca lui Florin Cîțu

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