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_ Madonna sheds a tear as she demands gun reform and safety laws in the wake of Texas school shooting

_ Madonna sheds a tear as she demands gun reform and safety laws in the wake of Texas school shooting

Madonna shared a haunting video with an impassioned lengthy caption as the emotional backlash following the latest mass shooting in the U.S. grows.

One day after 18-year-old Salvador Ramos went on a rampage and opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the 63-year-old pop megastar is the latest high-profile person to speak out against gun violence and in favor of more gun safety laws.

Before being taken down and killed by law enforcement, the lone gunman shot and killed 19 young children, two teachers and wounded 17 others, in what's the third-deadliest school shooting in the U.S. after the massacres at Virginia Tech in 2007 and Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.

'I cannot imagine the heartache and heartbreak the parents of these 19 Children must feel,' the Like A Prayer star began in her lengthy caption, alongside a clip of her tearing up in her music video for God Control, which is off her Madame X album (2019).

'I have children in elementary school and if they did not come home from school one day I don't think I could survive.'

With six children in all, Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone) has nine-year-old adopted twins Stella and Estere, as well as 16-year olds Mercy and David, whom she also adopted.

She also has a daughter Lourdes, 25, who she shares with ex-Carlos Leon, and a son Rocco, 21, from her marriage to ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

In continuing her emotional plea, the Michigan native questioned how an 18-year-old boy 'can purchase 2 automatic Rifles on his birthday with no background check, no safety training, no questions asked?????' 

She went on to reveal the warnings the shooter posted on social media about his plans to 'shoot his grandmother and students in a school.'  

With her anguish and anger coming through, she added, 'The NRA refuses to change its position and legislation cannot get one bill passed that requires tougher fire arm safety laws. In spite of the fact that there have been more gun deaths in America than there are days in this year. How is this possible???' 

Madonna then demanded that we 'protect our children' and 'reduce firearm access to people who are at risk of harming themselves or others.'

'We need to Insist on mandatory training for gun owners, the same way we require people to study and pass a test to get a drivers license,' the seven-time Grammy winner explained, adding, 'A car is a Potential weapon if not used properly. So is a Gun!!! Hasn't anyone Drawn this correlation? If we Cant change the constitution we must Beg Law makers to pass Gun Reform NOW!!'

She ended her plea: 'How tragic is it that we have to Beg to keep all children — All humans Safe from Gun Violence?? No more words action only.'

The video, which shows a choir singing and number of caskets, ends: 'Haven't we had enough???,'which is then followed by photos of the latest young victims and images of Madonna taking off her glasses as tears flow down her cheeks.

It concludes with Madonna almost whispering, 'Wake up' as each letter is typed out on screen.

God Control is a 2019 track about gun control and the US political climate written by Madonna and longtime collaborator Mirwais, and American musician Casey Spooner.

The song features the Tiffin Children's Chorus repeating 'We lost god control' all throughout while Madonna's lyrics include: 'Everybody knows the damn truth/Our nation lied, we lost respect/When we wake up, what can we do?'

The full music video, originally released in 2019, features interspersed footage of Madonna as her alter ego Madame X with scenes of a nightclub where a shooting takes place.

At the time of its release, the graphic video was criticised by some, including a mass shooting survivor, as 'insensitive', due to its striking resemblance to the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida. 

This week's Uvalde, Texas shooting began when Ramos reportedly shot his grandmother before heading to the elementary school. At last check, she was hospitalized in critical condition, according to CNN

Some of the many celebrities to come forward and demand improved gun safety laws and training include the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, LeBron James.

The Texas school massacre came just 10 days after police say an 18-year-old self-declared white supremacist opened fire and killed 10 people in a Buffalo, New York supermarket, where he reportedly went to specifically target and murder Black shoppers.

James Corden urged legislators to act on gun control during an emotional opening monologue on his Wednesday night episode of the Late Late Show. 

'As a father I can't imagine the horror of that phone call,' he began. 

'When I drop my kids off at school this morning and kiss them goodbye, it doesn't cross your mind that that could ever be the last goodbye.'

The British comedian continued: 'The thought of that phone call — that your child is the victim in a mass shooting — is beyond comprehension as a human being.'

'I'm so deeply sad for the families of these children, the trauma of the survivors and for the future that these kids will never see,' Corden added.

The Cats actor, who moved to Los Angeles in 2015, went on to ask: 'I don't know what has to happen to change things here.'

'I am constantly shocked by the number of people who must think this is an OK byproduct to never make meaningful changes to gun laws. It doesn't make sense to me,' he went on.

Corden also noted he doesn't believe America's gun laws are reflection of the country he has 'always admired.' 

'You have a problem, you solve it. You're on the forefront of medicine, of technology, of innovation. When there's a world war, you are the ones we turn to. Yet on this issue, America is one of the most backward places in the world,' he remarked. 

Corden also pointed out that there have been no school shootings in the U.K., Japan or Australia this year, while there have been 27 in the United States in 2022. 

'Nothing will change. Gun money will continue to get in the way of morality,' he vented. 'Words of thoughts and prayers will come from our leaders, but I fear change never will.' 

The Into The Woods star concluded: 'I hold out hope that this country will eventually wake up and change this senseless gun culture. My heart simply goes out to every single person in Texas tonight.' 

Still, he pleaded with viewers to take action and to 'pray this time our leaders show a modicum of courage in trying to prevent this from ever happening again.'

'But prayers won't end this, voting might. So when you vote, ask yourself this question: Who running for office has publicly stated that they are willing to do anything and everything in their power to protect your children from the criminally insane number of guns in America?' Corden  urged.

Jimmy Kimmel, a father of four, taped a special segment alone onstage before his audience were seated for Wednesday night's Live! episode.

'Here we are again – on another day of mourning in this country,' Kimmel began. 'where once again, we grieve – for the babies – the little boys and girls whose lives have been ended and whose families have been destroyed.'

'While our leaders on the right – the 'Americans' in Congress and at Fox News and these other outlets – warn us not to politicize this. They immediately criticize our President for even speaking about doing something to stop it. Because they don't want to speak about it.'

'Because they know what they've done. And they know what they haven't done. And they know that it's indefensible. So they'd rather sweep this under the rug.'

'And here's the thing – I don't believe Ted Cruz doesn't care about children. I don't. I refuse to believe he is unaffected by this. He's a father. I bet he went to bed sick to his stomach last night. It's easy to call someone a monster. But he's not a monster – he is a human being. And some people might not like hearing me say that, but it's true.'

'So here's the thing I would like to say to Ted Cruz, the human being, and Governor Abbot, and everyone: It's OK to admit you made a mistake. In fact, it's not just OK, it's necessary to admit you made a mistake when your mistake is killing the children in your state.'

'It takes a big person to do something like that. It takes a brave person to do something like that. And do I think these men are brave people? No, I don't. I don't.'

'But man – I would love it if they surprised me.'


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