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_ Minister Bolos says gov't and coalition should bear consequences of pension system reform

Minister Bolos says gov't and coalition should bear consequences of pension system reform

"The content of the PNRR benchmark is very difficult, it requires radical decisions regarding the reform of special pensions, because this is where we have to start. We have two criteria. The first, the one related to sustainability, is a criterion in which we have to show that the volume of public spending generated by this draft law is sustainable in the long term. This is the number one basic requirement and we also have basic requirement number two - the one related to the contribution criterion. Here again we must have a very rigorous basis, because we have two public systems, I could say improperly: the general pension system and the special pension system," Bolos stated at the Victoria Palace.

He underscored that our country must be careful when it sends the adopted special pensions bill to the European Commission, noting that if there are discrepancies between the general pension system and the special pension system, explanations must be given. told Agerpres.

Marcel Bolos mentioned that the decision must be taken at the level of the Government and the coalition.

The minister also showed that it is not "a matter of play," adding that if the "radical" decision to reform the special pension system is taken, "then, equally, it also should be assumed the consequence of the migration of the labor force or the destabilization of these great public services that Romania needs."

He mentioned that what is written in the PNRR is the letter of the law, and "the flexibility of the European Commission tends to zero."

Marcel Bolos explained that there are countries, such as Bulgaria and Lithuania, which have already given up certain reforms because they did not assume the consequences, and this can happen, but it is not the decision of the Ministry of European Investments and Projects, of the line ministries.


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