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_ UDMR leader: I'd rather have measurements on Chilia arm done with Romanian ships and equipment

UDMR leader: I'd rather have measurements on Chilia arm done with Romanian ships and equipment

"If I were in the position to accept what the Ukrainian side propose, I would accept teams from both countries to do the measurements on Bystroye, because it's on Ukrainian territory, but on Chilia I would prefer us to go with our own ships, with our own equipment and experts. And they should be done in parallel, there's no problem with that. Let the Ukrainians do their measurements with their ships, and let us do the same, then compare the results and see if there is a difference. That's how it's done correctly, this is my point of view. Ok, we have taken another step forward and we will see what the results of the measurements are," Kelemen Hunor said.

According to the UDMR Chairman, "at this moment, Romania's multiple interests can and must be firmly supported with dignity and with great courage, but we must maintain a balance."

Asked if a government analysis is expected on this subject, including at the Environment Ministry, Kelemen pointed out that such a review must be done in the first place by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which manages bilateral relations, "then from the point of view of Environment and Transportation specialists, and only then matters can be approached at political level".

Kelemen Hunor also criticized the lack of transparency on the Bystroye subject.

"Yes, the fact that they did these works in absence of a permanent and constructive dialogue or - if such a dialogue existed somewhere - with no transparency at all, was absolutely annoying. (...) Subjects related to such situations are extremely sensitive for everyone (...), therefore you need transparency. This is not about strictly secret matters, because we are (...) at the edge of a war zone, you simply have to communicate with your citizens and tell them what is going on. People understand if you come out and explain the whys wherefores of the situation, but if you don't say anything, all kinds of conspiracy theories emerge," declared the Deputy Prime Minister.

Asked who these remarks are directed at, Kelemen Hunor said: "At those who managed and are managing this situation".

"And this is not criticism, not even a reproach, but at least let us learn from what happens to us. (...) We are all citizens, but a politician must always be a little more balanced and restrained than an angry citizen," the UDMR leader added. AGERPRES


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